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[sticky post] Elsewhere in Fandom: Stuff Happened. (transformation)

Now seems as good a time as any to restate my transformation policy:

Transformation/Adaptation of my works: Yes.
Caveat: Must link to the original work. If original work has been removed from the internet, link to my AO3 user profile.

Sharing my work privately with a few people over email: Yes.

Reposting my work publically: No.
Caveat: If I am dead, repost with attribution 'til your heart's content.

Sporking/MST3K/Trollfic: No.

NB: I don't listen to podfic generally or podfic of my work specifically but I feel warm and fuzzy to know that my work has been podficced. You're free to tell me or not as you're comfortable.

If hosting on AO3, I feel positively toward linking the two works using "inspired by", but this is not a requirement.


recipe - lazy pepper steak

4 extra-thin steaks (came in 1 package)
garlic salt to taste
fresh ground black pepper to taste
cilantro to taste

season the steak on one side, cook for 1 minute on each side on high. (or ~90 seconds on a george foreman grill?)
Let cool a bit, roll so they're long, and slice into strips. Good for quesasillas and sandwiches, for which:

chop some of the strips together with cilantro ± onion if you like that and om nom nom.

makes 4 servings, ~70¢ per.


me update still outstanding

so, y'know. hi?


Oh guess what BOOKS STILL.

I'm picking my way slowly through Abhorsen with the kind of savor I didn't the first time around, when it was a mad rush straight to the end to see that everything ended in not-catastrophe, and these books are really where my brain is. (I wish there was more of a fandom; I've almost definitely decided I'm going to do the Restoration fic, but I haven't decided whether I'm going to withhold it for an appropriate yuletide request or hope the fandom grows a fandom after Clariel this September.)

And like ... I've been thinking about Sabriel and Ellimere (I) and Sulyn while they're At School, and there's a part of me that's very attached to the idea that those three were the ones who Never Went Home. Sabriel because Terciel is off keeping the dead down; Ellimere because she has stepfamily whom she doesn't get along with and who don't get along with her. Sulyn because of complicated arrangements with dead family, trusts, and not having a lot waiting for her the building she lists as her home address.

And so that first round of school holidays when almost everyone at Wyverly goes home and whatnot, they're the only girls there between the ages of 6 and 8, and they bond. And while they don't up to a lot of mischief, no one is surprised when they're involved in mischief, and also when the mischief they do get up to is not technically against any rules. Those three are highhandedly responsible for the addition of no fewer than 12 new pages to the school code.

(Three grades under Princess Ellimere, there's another girl who shares her name, and they're not as close as the might have been if they had shared a grade, but they become so thirty years after Kerrigor, when Ellie takes over diplomatic relations with Ancelstierre from her mother and circumstance throws them into regular proximity with one another.)




I also bought an ebook on the post-checkout page, because amazon said, "Don't you ~~~waaaaaant~~~ NEWT'S EMERALD it's only ~~~FOUR DOLLARS~~~" and I was WEAK and TOTALLY CAVED.




These books have sunk their teeth in me.

So the thing with these books and reading them after a five-and-a-half-year-break is that I find myself adoring characters I didn't even like the first time around, and having a whole lot more sympathy for everyone, not just our primary narrators.


oh look it is a ficletCollapse )


Aaaaand I'm rereading the Abhorsen series

Two (three) things caught me off-guard

I had forgotten what it was like to be part of a fandom that's all or mostly joy, rather one that's filled with vitriol.

Why is the fandom for this series not larger/extant? Like ... I've looked for boards, comms, on goodreads, on ... and I'm coming up completely blank, save for a few casual unconnected fans on tumblr and likewise on deviantart and a handful of fics every yuletide. Where is it?

I desperately want to be the person who writes the 75,000-120,000 words of story between Sabriel and Lirael.


(no subject)

Had anyone done the story where the newly minted detective finds out that the charming guy they let off with a warning is when they were a beat cop is actually a serial killer, and makes it their mission to bring him down? +/- Chicago.

Any medium.


State of me (and the car) (I have the best friends)

So back in february taraljc, bearing witness to me freaking out about the ongoing car saga, sneakily passed the fandom hat, and I (1)cried and (2) fell off the face of the internet

I owe my most heartfelt thanks to my taraljc, my aj, my browngirl my [personal profile] celli, and to Elise whom I haven't met -- you are all amazing people and my life is better for having you in it. I never thought that I would stumble into such a glut of quality friendship with real, true, good people or what I did to deserve it.

(Also, crying again.)

The state of the car is in flux: half went to initial repairs, the other half to savings in case of ongoing car problems. My mechanic has no idea what's wrong with it, other than what whatever it is is temperature related/it only starts when it's warm. And presently, it's not warm and not starting in a (thankfully) non-metered spot on Devon and I'm putting out feelers to dealerships for a brand-certified diagnosis.

What very well may happen is the car being scrapped in favor of a bicycle, since it wouldn't add any time to my commute and would add cardio and movement of the body to my life, plus, it's going to be spring soon and I want to spend more time outside during spring. And because of you all this is not a terrifying prospect.


Brief update on the life front

* Car is still in a state of non-working. Been crashing at chez LJC to serve as alarm clock and transit company (plus, television). Should get the part today/tomorrow, and have it back by the weekend.

* Which: the bargain fairy smiled on me this week - I snagged the $250 broken part replacement, factory sealed, for $50 (including expedited shipping), and the daybed princess daybed I ordered from wayfair for $130 has an MSRP close to $500.

(So the car broke down in the Work parking lot when I went in this saturday, instead of the Ikea parking lot where I was going to go.)

* Successfully applied for and was approved for an income-based student loan repayment plan. Which means I can now afford to start hammering away on the principle instead of struggling to hit the interest every month. It's in forbearance until April, too, ohthankgod.

* Haven't written a fuck of a lot this month. Wish LJ was still a place where people congregated and that I could successfully do a straw poll of what conceit I should go with for the current problem-child.

* Have new keyboard for the netbook. Dreading the install because it's fiddly. Thinking of bribing the IT department with cake to help me with it.


Virtual season, here we go (or: I wanted to share SOMETHING)

This spring and summer (which includes a possible week off over July 4th, or possibly a 5-for-2 long weekend, haven't decided or put in for PTO yet, and I'm ... restless, I guess? About a thousand thousand things, but the one story I was working on most is now at a part where it needs the editing brain, and the writing brain is kindof offline at the moment due to external stimuli. So here's the storylist - hoping I can get some of them in at under 7, and the war rule (And they killed the prince) posted before the season 2 opener.

creatures in human figure - the Ichabod and Katrina swap places AU.

1x01 the bounty of our victory - complete, unedited
(In four parts)
1x02 the blood of the covenant
1x03 the reverend makes a call
1x04 sororitas
1x05 death and the maiden
1x06 the withered fig
1x07 the enemy of my enemy
1x08 against feathers
1x09 asylum
1x10 the four who speak as one
1x11 children's work
1x12 the harrowing of hell
1x13 the war rule

In other news taraljc and I are now out of Call the Midwife after a lazy sunday of television watching, noms, and naps. Unfortunately, I have to go rouse herself at 8:30 to catch the 9:07 bus in to work, because my car broke down again, this time in the work parking lot on Saturday.

(Neutral safety has been acting up since they fixed/removed the ignition kill switch "security" device", and I having gone in to work on Saturday for some semi-mandatory weekend work rather than Ikea to get a bed, was not entirely surprised when it wouldn't start. Still, better Evanston next door to my mechanic than Schaumburg, 30 miles away from anything useful to me.) No crying this time, but I did experience a whole fuck of a lot of near slips on the ice that the Northwestern students deigned to not deal with in front of their housing.)

So basically I need to get my supervisor a fruit basket because his bribery-and-guilt cocktail saved me from an undesired panic attack at the ikea.

Need to talk to my parents today and maybe have them help me with costs if they can. Among the other thousand adulting things that have to happen lest I lose my apartment on bad terms and other disasters befall me. (And I'd been so good on Friday and opened a savings account at my bank, too. Cry. Hello, decimation of the savings account! I'm Boo! Pleased to meet you!)

ETA: Less freaking out now; I canceled my amazon prime membership which went through on the 19th, and freed up that $80 I don't really have to spend on prime right now.




Draft #1 of The Bounty of Our Victory (Creatures in Human Figure 1x01) is DONE at 12,081 words.

Now to EDIT THE MOTHERFUCKER and decide if I want to post serially or all at once.

Serially, I think.



I have MAYBE 500-750 words left on part I of The AU. MAYBE.


Also working on some creative nonfiction, because of reasons.


MEME (what is meme)

1. tigerbright! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY I went and tried to make you a thing with an ADORABLY FLUFFLY GINGER KITTEN on the internet but then I couldn't find the making-thing I wanted to use and slunk away in defeat. BUT I THOUGHT OF YOU LOTS YESTERDAY, and hope your day was excellent.

2. Memes are still a thing, right?

1. Of the fic stories you’ve written, of which are you most proud?

Answering this question is highly malleable and I'm not gonna do it. I'm pretty fond of my recent run through Sleepy Hollow fandom, though.

2. Favorite tense

Simple past. Clear, concise, there is nothing you can do in any other tense that you can't do in simple past.

3. Favorite POV

Third limited. Again, nothing you can't do in any person that you can't also do in this one.

4. What are some themes you love writing about?

Family, found and otherwise; home and finding it; fighting for comfort in one's own skin; people behaving decently to one another; faith and loss thereof; faith and (re)discovery thereof; holidays; people talking to other people like adults; the world snapping into sense-making place when some new piece of information comes to a head;

5. What inspires you to write? | rustydragonfly: "Where do you get your ideas?"

The world, and my own head. #Chiberia gave me the urge to write winter!fic; and talking to [personal profile] havocthecat and kita0610 gave me the push to write Creatures in Human Figure and Apprentice, a lot of times I'll get an image or a snatch of dialogue and roll it around in my head for a while, coaxing it to grow.

The ideas come from all over the place, but interaction feeds them best, and sharing with the idea that someone might see makes me both more and less likely to push through til the end.

6. Thoughts on critique

Welcome when it's welcome, assholish when it's the wrapping paper around an act of bullying. Needs to be desired and consensual, which places the onus of asking whether it's wanted on the critic. Not necessarily the same as, "Yo, you need to tag for [xyz]" or "expecting us to identify with this dude who constantly talks down to his partner and makes them feel shitty is uncool, did you do that on purpose? if so it needs tagging."

7. Create a character on the spot... NOW!

Beat you to it. Second comment in the thread, final paragraph. You should probably read the not!fic, first.

8. Is there a character you love writing for the most? The least? Why?

Almost invariably the women. Like, that's the most singular constant: women, or characters who share some other distinguishing feature with me (growing up poor/unstable, intelligent but underachieving, "fixers"; I end up writing military and law enforcement characters often, because, I think, of the "chance to die honorably in service" part of the job description.

9. A passage from a WIP

Don't wanna, not gonna. Mostly because there's not a lot that stands alone well right now.

10. What are your strengths in writing?

Ah hahahah haha ha I can spin a yarn? I mean. Okay I'm not answering this one because it requires being kind to myself about a thing that's important to me, and I am still working on that a lot.

Although I'm not going to reject compliments on my writing from you fine people.

11. What are your weaknesses in writing?

All of them I am bad at finishing things, especially long things. Which is unfortunate because sometime between high school and now I turned into a novelist.

12. Anything else that you want to know... (otherwise known as Fill in the Blank)

We're open for questions if you want to hear me natter.


Here have some more not!fic

So there's yet another AU I'm not writing, approximately one one hundredth of what the story would actually need.

Point of divergence: Ichabod keeps his mouth shut while delivering the Declaration of Resolves; Abraham never becomes the Horseman of Death, and the Continentals win in much the same manner they do in the demon-free universe we live in.


Oh yeah, I'm definitely deep in fannish love right now.

Yesterday I posted Furnace (Ichabod/Katrina, huddling together for warmth) and this morning I postd You Don't Bring A Demon To A Snowball Fight (Abbie/Ichabod, exactly what it says on the tin, + copious UST).

This despite being floored with a migraine for most of the day.


Tumblr repost - on growing up in the flooring industry

[Gif credit | originally here]

So here’s a thing: Dad Mills was almost definitely a flooring installer.

My dad has been laying floors for 40 years this year; I grew up being hauled around between shop and warehouse and job in the summer, because I could entertain myself and my parents didn’t trust childcare. When I was eight, I got sat down with a hand-stapler and a roll of carpet binding and the remants my dad had cut down to welcome-mat size, and he and mom and I made welcome mats that we sold on the side of the road. (And God, I haven’t thought about that in nineteen years.)

There’s two kinds of kids who show up at carpet stores: the children of people who are having their houses done, and the children of people who are doing the installation. And the “used to take” implies that it was a repeated visit (like when you go down to hound the owner for your check; god, how many times I sat in the car while Dad wheedled and cajoled and got paid less than his work was worth), that repetitiveness implies that someone in her family — someone charged with either worked in the store itself (sales, reception, receiving), or acted as labor for the store.

And I’ll tell you something about the carpet industry: it’s feast or famine. Some months Dad worked 12-16 hour days seven days a week, and some months he didn’t work at all. You pay your help before you feed your family. Supplies come out of your check, and 90% of the time the boss doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing and doesn’t pay you like he should and has a power complex the likes of which I’ve never seen in my life.

(My experience is Southern California and Nevada - Mom and I are white girls, but Dad’s Mexican-American with an East L.A. accent so thick you can slice it, and he’s brown. He’s also a fucking craftsman - his work is some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, his seams are invisible even with patterned carpet, and I’ve literally watched him bend the laws of physics filling a room with carpet that is smaller than the room. For the last 20 years, since the family lost the store we owned and he started working for other people, I’ve watched boss after boss defer to his dumbass [white] helpers, speak to him insultingly slowly despite his English being flawless due to being a native speaker. I’ve watched my uncle - his brother, same parents, but Joe caught the white genes and Dan caught the brown ones - climb and climb and climb and make more money and receive more respect than Dad ever did, in large part because this trade is racist as fuck.)

It is not a fun trade or a stable trade in general but it is an especially non-awesome trade to be a minority in.

And just. So much sympathy for the Mills sisters because I would never wish growing up with parents in the flooring business on anyone.

(Incidentally climbing on top of the rolls of carpet all stacked up like a giant pyramidal mountain is the best thing in the universe when you’re 8 and full of imagination and daring-do.)

[Permission given to link this particular post.]


Well, that's a thing

Call the Midwife is kinda grim.

AND YET I can't stop watching.

At some point I'm going to write some meta/companion to The AU* on how Abbie and Katrina do not get along as quickly, as easily, or as well as Abbie and Ichabod do, but for now I am going to say that I am writing it again and have maybe two scenes to write and then revision.

*For those of you just tuning in on the tumblr channel, that would be my current big project: a virtual-season format story that swaps Ichabod and Katrina's places, so that Katrina wakes up in the cave and Ichabod is the purgatory-bound damsel in distress.


Fic - Sleepy Hollow

Furnace (618 words) by boosette
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sleepy Hollow (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ichabod Crane/Katrina Crane
Characters: Ichabod Crane (TV), Katrina Crane
Additional Tags: Huddling For Warmth, Historical, Community: trope_bingo, yeah okay it might be valentines fic, newlyweds, Fluff, But fairly historically accurate, Canon fodder - Freeform, Probably not 100 percent canon Compliant

Throughout the winter and early spring, men were frequently "on command," leaving camp on a variety of assignments. Units were formed to forage for food, some were granted furloughs, and individuals regularly returned to their home states to recruit new troops. In January Jeremiah Greenman reported, "all ye spayr officers sent home to recruit another regiment & sum on furlow." [source]

The Cranes make the best of February, 1778.


yesterday everything was bad. today everything is okay.

this morning's tabs:

Wikipedia: Casimir Pulaski
Wikipedia: Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben
Revolutionary War Timeline
How To Make A Timeline In Excel
Declaration of Resolves
The Gaspee Affair
The Intolerable Acts
James Madison & the Classical Tradition in the Federalist Papers

All this because no one will tell me straight-out how junior officers were quartered at Valley Forge during the winter of 1777-1778. Does anybody here happen to know off the top of their heads?


ETA: Throughout the winter and early spring, men were frequently "on command," leaving camp on a variety of assignments. Units were formed to forage for food, some were granted furloughs, and individuals regularly returned to their home states to recruit new troops. In January Jeremiah Greenman reported, "all ye spayr officers sent home to recruit another regiment & sum on furlow."

I also my shipswap writer a letter - DO NOT WORRY WRITER I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU.


(no subject)

Car is working again for less money than I thought it would cost, but more than I wanted to spend - and I need to actually DO the reimbursement from AAA and also put the monies I have in jars around my house into an actual savings account.

So that said, no more silencer, the car runs now with just a key, and I need to get tires. And a plane ticket to California over thanksgiving. (We'll see what goes on offer when Southwest puts their fares online, which, joy of joys, would mean Midway to Oakland instead of O'Hare to San Francisco, better on all counts.)

Apparently emailing HR about the near-panic attack I had on Thursday + what I'm doing/what I need now/in the future was a good thing and impressed the bosspeople re: communicating things? IDK. BRAINS, MAN.

I keep reminding myself that this is what emergency funds are FOR, and how lucky I am to have had enough savings that I could say, "tow my car to the place" and "fix the problem" and still be able to pay my bills.

Stories in the hopper:

Creatures in Human Figure Part 1/13 (almost done) (oh god the editing this will take)
Ichabod Crane vs the 16th Amendment (taxfic for [personal profile] celli because going on THREE YEARS owing her taxfic now.)
[shipswap, we'll see what assignments bring, but it's going to either be Sleepy Hollow, Tortall, or MCU.]